Why are we here?

Written by on September 10, 2017

Why are we here?

Written by Mayra Aguirre, LCSW

Immigrating from your native country is a personal decision, sometimes you have the time to plan for the move, sometimes it is a life or death decision. Everyone has their own immigration story, it’s almost like a love story. It has its ups and downs, and truly it’s not always 100% happiness.  Why are we here? Well, there are many different factors of why we leave our native countries, but today we will categorize them as economic and social immigration and immigration to escape persecution conflict and violence.

  • Economic and Social Immigration: This type of immigration is when the immigrant leaves to improve their standard of living, gain better jobs with higher wages, lower political corruption, and lower crime rates. We can even add better health care, even though undocumented immigrates are uninsured and most pay out of pocket for their health care. I believe that most people that immigrate come to the USA with what is called the American Dream, which is also defined by perspective, however with the final goal of living safely and comfortably.
  • Now, Immigration is the escape of persecution, conflict, and violence as we have all seen in the media today, many countries are going through hell on earth. This is when it gets to that life or death situation. Where families flee their homes on any given night or say farewell to a parent in hopes of a safe travel to save their life. Persecution is the severe abuse of human rights such as religion, class, and race. Fear of persecution is the basis of refugee claims such as torture, discrimination, false imprisonment. For example, we have immigrants from Central America that flee their country due to gang violence which has grown to at times be stronger than the authorities. Times of war drive many out of their country in search of safety. As we all know, the aftermath of war can leave people homeless, alone and with zero resources.

How we get here? That will need to be a whole other blog! USA, Germany and The United Kingdom are the 3 countries with the highest number of immigrants arriving to stay in their country. However, does not matter where you go or how you got there. The process of leaving your native country, family, friends, culture, and food is one of the hardest parts of a person’s life. Missing your country while you have to accommodate to starting from zero, new lifestyle, new language, new culture and many times with very few supports really takes for a very strong character, but sometimes you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.


Mayra Aguirre is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker. For the time she has worked in the field of social work she has encountered the need of services for the Hispanic community. She has dedicated her career to supporting, treating and being the voice of her people. IBC podcast and blog is offered to the public to learn about many different psychological, social, political and diversity topics.

If you’d like to know more about me and the services we offer at IBC, please follow this link: https://integratedbilingualcounseling.com/mayra-aguirre/

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