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Luisfer Nava is a Music Producer, Sound and Mastering Engineer, also Podcast and radio editor, with 7 years of experience in dance music production. Luis began his studies in Netherlands where he studied production at the Herman Brood Academy. He then received a job offer at DCC Studios where he honed his production, editing and […]

I’m a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and have been active in the Mental Health field for the past 8 years. I received my bachelors in Social Work from Sacred Heart University, followed a Master’s degree in Social Services from Fordham University. I have the experience needed to work with Children and Families as […]

I’m the founder of Integrated Bilingual Counseling, LLC (IBC), and also the host of this your weekly podcast show. IBC was founded due to the necessity to provide psychotherapy or counseling services to one of the most vulnerable populations in the State of Connecticut, the Latino. IBC is my initiative to serve the community and more […]

I’m the clinical director and co-host of this your weekly podcast show. I feel passionate in serving the Hispanic community due to their limited access to mental health services and receiving treatment that understands their language and respects their culture, values, and beliefs.  I’m a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been serving individuals, […]

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