It’s just one of those days….

Written by on September 20, 2017

It’s just one of those days….

Written by Robbie, “El Autor”

Ever just had… of those days? Where things are just going BAD, like maybe work got you feeling some type of way, your kids are acting up, your routine seems like it’s off, you know what I mean, you’re just having a BAD day! Ugh we all been there, maybe you’re having ONE of those days as you’re reading this, I know the feeling all too well but stay with me….

It’s funny because last week I found myself going for my usual morning run, 3 miles around the park, which I usually bang out pretty easily, but let me tell you…….after the first 5 minutes it was torture, I felt heavy, slow, my chins started aching, and quite frankly, I was over it. So I started walking, I jogged slowly, then stopped, then walked, then stopped, I tried to jog again but after 5 minutes I just stopped and walked the rest of the way. I was so FRUSTRATED to say the least, but after I crossed the finished mark I told myself “ehh it wasn’t your perfect run Robbie, but tomorrow’s a new day”.

I share that story as a metaphor to one of “those days” Because just like with my morning run, what’s important is that we FINISH! Yes, it might be rough, you may feel like you can’t anymore, you may cry it out, you may be a HOT mess, but knowing that tomorrow is a new day should help you get through it. But here’s some encouragement for you;

…STOP, RELAX and Breathe, YOUR GOING TO BE OK! No seriously, you are. I’ve found that what helps is mentally and emotionally challenging yourself to push through. The mind is a powerful tool, so remind yourself that this day will not last forever. KNOW YOURSELF. Know what helps you. Know what things you can do as a coping skill to make you feel better. Personally, I enjoy listening to music and going for a walk. I feel like that helps me to ease my emotions from the day. Support is very important, so find the friend who you can vent too or that friend who will just listen and hear you out. We all have personal hobbies that we can access when we need to distract our minds. And on days that you just don’t want to try to feel better, because that happens too, just sleep it off, my friend describes that as a reset button.

Most importantly: Remember, that you’re not alone in this journey of life, even when you are just having an OFF day.


Robbie J. Castellon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has been working in the Mental Health Field for the past 10 years. Robbie received his education from both Sacred Heart and Fordham University with a degree in Social Services and Social Work. Robbie carries a deep desire and passion to help people. Robbie has experience working with all age groups but specializes in his work with teenagers. Robbie provides therapeutic clinical services such a therapy, as well as mentoring and life coaching services for all ages.


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