Author: Mayra Aguirre

How we got here…?? Written by Mayra Aguirre, LCSW As mentioned in prior blogs, immigrating to a new country is a personal decision. Sometimes it takes months and years of planning, for some, it’s an overnight decision. Whatever the circumstances might be every story is different, the how and the why for immigrants is often […]

Why are we here? Written by Mayra Aguirre, LCSW Immigrating from your native country is a personal decision, sometimes you have the time to plan for the move, sometimes it is a life or death decision. Everyone has their own immigration story, it’s almost like a love story. It has its ups and downs, and […]

What’s is like to be Latino? Part 2 Written by Mayra Aguirre, LCSW In our first blog, we talked about Latinos/Hispanics and their language, values, and morals. We can’t leave out what Hispanics are well known for food and party time! Today, In USA the Hispanic culture has gained much popularity. Spanish is the second […]

What’s it like to be Latino? Written by Mayra Aguirre, LCSW Let’s start with actually defining what Latino/Hispanic is: The Hispanic Population is people with origins from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, such as Portugal and Spain. Hispanics were once invaded by the Spaniards who annihilated the indigenous culture in this continent and ended […]

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